We are a group of friends that have been linked by passion for Karate since early childchood. There are professionals among us that own so many medals and titles that it's impossible to use this space to enumarate them all. There are also positive fanatics, for whom Karate is just a way of living - a method to fight stress, to work on yourself and to spend time with family and friends. 

Positive influence of Karate has been observed for many years not only on our own examples but also on the example of our children. Benefits are visible in their physical develpoment, proper shape of the skeletal muscles and, what follows, the body posture, flexibility and agility of the organism. However, the most prominent benefits are observed in the character forming - building confidence, resistance to stress, ability to deal with difficult, unexpected situations or capability of pursuing goals. 

The decision about establishing the foundation was made in May 2019, when we came to the conclusion that we are ready to form an institution that would help overcome not only our weaknesses but also those of children, teenagers and adults from our surroundings. 


Our main aim is spreading the ideas of Karate Shotokan - a martial art that is not only a method of practising fighting abilities and self-defence against an aggressor but also an ideal form of harmonious body development, enchancing the body fitness and, most of all, method of shaping the righteous character. We believe that thanks to the discipline, mutual respect and constant strenghtening of the positive character traits, we will be able to help the participants overcome limits, develop self-confidence and we will be able to show them that it is always worth to fight and pursue their own aim. We believe Karate toughens character, gives the sense of strength and influence on your life and surroundings. Thanks to that, Karate gives hope for better tomorrow - not only for the youngest!