Martial Arts Club "Hajime"

The Martial Arts Alub "Hajime" was established in 2019 however the story behind it grows much, much further back in history. It's founders have been dealing with karate since 1982 - this is precisely the moment when our instructor, Shihan Maciej started documenting his practice. 

In our Club we train  karate-do shotokan: kata, kumite, kihon and bunkai of the elements, enhancing the practice with self-defence, jiu jitsu, sport kenjutsu and sport karate. These elements are effective in developing body and psyche, as well as correct bad posture and build up speed, agility, flexibility, teach discipline and improve motor coordination.

Since September 2019, our staff has been enriched by Sensei Eliza /1 Dan/.

We are pleased to invite to participate in trainings of various matrial arts and to cooperate with our Foundation. Our Club functions as Beskidzka Fundacja Rozwoju Sportu i Edukacji “EduS” with its premises in Bielsko-Biała. We invite you also on behalf of the federation IMAF Poland and SKDUN Poland. Oss.

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